Photo credit: Kristi Jones

Photo credit: Kristi Jones

My private practice is different than most therapy practices.

First, my personal practice is small. My job as director of the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center and position on the faculty in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Lipscomb University allow me to limit my caseload to 5-7 clients. This assures that my clients receive the attention they deserve.

Second, my role in academia places me at the forefront of the field of marriage and family therapy. This means that my practice is informed by scientific research that most private practice therapists can't easily access.

Third, The Briggs Institute, Inc., gives clients the opportunity to work with other therapists at a lower fee who provide high quality, compassionate mental health and relationship care services at a price that is well below that of many other private practices. My clinical colleagues are able to do this because our collaborative approach to treatment keeps us from having to meet the same overhead costs as other therapists.

Finally, as a graduate of Purdue and Northwestern Universities, two of the finest programs in the history of the field, I am fortunate to have learned from several of the best clinicians and researchers in the world. These training experiences play a critical role in distinguishing my practice.

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